The information provided below is an overview of housing at MIT. For questions and more information on housing, see the Housing at MIT web site.

On-Campus Housing

MIT’s approach to housing incoming freshmen is somewhat unique. Please check out the Undergraduate Housing web site for more information. To speak with someone about single undergraduate housing, please visit W59-200, call 617-253-2811, or email residence@mit.edu. For information regarding undergraduate family living options, please visit W59-200 or call 617-253-5148.

Graduate Student Housing for first year students is a more complex issue. Please visit the Graduate Housing Quick Facts Guide online at the Graduate Housing web site.

The Graduate Housing Office can be reached by telephone, fax, or email at the address and telephone number listed below:

MIT Graduate Housing
77 Massachusetts Avenue, W59-200
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tel: (617) 253-5148
Fax: (617) 258-8163
E mail: graduatehousing@mit.edu

Apartments for families also exist on campus, but availability is limited.

The MIT Graduate Housing Office will give special consideration to requests for on-campus housing from students with physical disabilities or medical conditions. The housing application form must be accompanied by a medical certificate signed by the student's physician. Decisions on these requests will be made after consultation with the MIT Medical Department. Normal pregnancy does not constitute a condition requiring special medical housing consideration.

Off-Campus Housing

The cost of living in the Boston/Cambridge area is quite high. MIT has some excellent resources for off-campus housing, including maps, rental listings and possible roommate situations. If you are interested in information about off-campus housing, you may write or call:

MIT Off-Campus Housing Service
77 Massachusetts Avenue, W59-200
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tel: (617) 253-1493
Fax: (617) 258-8163
Email: shewitt@mit.edu or general@mit.edu

Please be aware that it is common practice for many landlords to ask for the first and last month's rent in advance, as well as a deposit that can equal one month of rent. If you use a realtor, there can also be an extra realtor's fee of up to one month of rent. (It may be possible to negotiate this realtor’s fee.)

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