Awaiting announcements of Executive Orders on immigration/visa issues

January 25, 2017

Dear Students,

I know many of us awoke this morning to a number of reports in the media providing predictions on prospective visa limitations that may be enacted by Executive Order this week by President Trump. We understand from official White House reports that announcements about actions within Homeland Security will be likely announced within the next couple of days.

Please note, however, that there has been NO official release of any Executive Order or Presidential Action on this issue yet today.

The ISO continues to actively research all communications, analyze potential visa and immigration changes, and advocate on these issues as they affect our community. While I know that answers to what will happen next are urgently desired, commenting or taking action before we have official notification would be potentially harmful.

The ISO will continue to send out notifications to students once we have official updates issued by the White House or appropriate government agency. It may take some time following an official announcement before we (and the government agencies charged in implementation) have a clear understanding of what the implications will be regarding visa policy changes.

We understand the heightened level of anxiety that we are all feeling on this issue. We ask for your patience as we all navigate this new political environment together.

If any member of the MIT Community has questions or concerns, we want to remind you that the ISO is available to support you. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly by email or by phone (617-253-3795) if I can be of any assistance.


David C. Elwell
Associate Dean and Director
MIT International Students Office