Travel Alert regarding prospective Executive Order

January 27, 2017

To our International Students,

Given media reports about possible Executive Orders under consideration pertaining to potential visa application and travel restrictions for individuals from certain countries, the ISO feels it is important to reach out to the community. (Please note that, as of this writing, the White House has taken NO official action on these matters.)

In light of continued review of current and prospective actions that could be taken by Presidential action, individuals with citizenship, nationality, or birth in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen currently in the United States (U.S.) should consider postponing any travel outside of the U.S. until official Executive Orders and further government agency guidance on potential visa/immigration changes has been issued. Individuals from these countries who are currently outside of the U.S. should evaluate timing for re-entry to the U.S. at the earliest possible time in consideration of potential bars to entry that could be implemented by Executive Order at any time.

While we do not know if official action will be taken and, if so, what that action will entail, we feel it is important to consider all appropriate precautions.

Again, please note that there has been NO official release of any Executive Order or Presidential Action on these areas yet. The ISO and MIT’s Washington, D.C. Office are actively monitoring the White House’s release of information and will provide any updates as soon as we receive them.

We know that this period of uncertainty can be challenging. We encourage you to reach out for support to ISO Staff, or contact other MIT staff any time (see for a full list).

Remember that your heads of house, and counselors and deans in MIT Medical (617-253-4481), Graduate Personal Support (617-253-9464) or Student Support Services (S3) (617-253-4861), are all standing by and ready to help you.


David C. Elwell
Associate Dean and Director
MIT International Students Office