Update on Executive Order regarding entry ban to U.S. for individuals from certain countries

January 28, 2017

To our International Students:

We have received confirmed reports that the President’s Executive Order, which includes a ban on entry to the US for individuals who are citizens, nationals, or were born in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen, has been signed and is currently in effect.

While the official Executive Order has not yet appeared on the White House website, reports of individuals not being granted entry to the US have been confirmed.

Given these reports, if you are a citizen, national, or were born in any of these countries, and you are currently OUTSIDE of the US, please contact me at the ISO right away to confirm this so we can address any questions and speak about next steps.

If you are a citizen, national, or were born in any of these countries, and you are INSIDE the US, it is advisable to NOT travel outside the US until further details on the Executive Order and any additional guidance from appropriate government agencies, is received. Please note that these Executive Orders do not indicate any sanctions on individuals currently present inside the US, which is why it is advisable to not travel outside of the US.

We are deeply disturbed by these recent actions and the impact they have on members of our MIT community. MIT will work closely to support our students and all those at MIT affected. We care deeply about our entire community and the diversity that embodies MIT, and we will continue to reflect these values. 

If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact me at the ISO by email over this weekend, or by email or phone during ISO office hours.

Most sincerely,

David C. Elwell
Associate Dean and Director
MIT International Students Office