8 to 15 °C
46 to 60 °F
mid-September to November
-17 to 3 °C
0 to 37 °F
December to mid-March
3 to 15 °C
37 to 60 °F
mid-March to May
15 to 35 °C
60 to 95 °F
June to mid-September

Since the temperature can vary quite widely, it is important to have clothing of several varieties. Light-weight clothing is appropriate for summer. Medium-weight jackets and raincoats are suitable for fall and spring. A heavy wool coat or parka, sweater, gloves, boots, and hat are necessary to endure winter in New England!

Students at MIT generally dress casually for classes, but occasionally dress more formally for special occasions. Faculty attire varies from formal to informal, based on the preferences of the professor.

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