International Graduate Student Orientation Schedule

All International graduate students MUST attend a mandatory ISO Immigration Orientation Session with an ISO advisor before enrolling for classes. Orientation sessions for new graduate students will be held beginning in August through Registration Day.  Check your academic program orientation schedule to verify if there is an ISO Immigration Orientation Session scheduled for part of your program or you can sign-up for a Session on iMIT.  You only need to attend one ISO Immigration Orientation Session.

All other students should use the information below to sign up for an ISO Orientation Session.

  1. Login to and click "Full Client Services for Students"
  2. Enter your MIT kerberos/email information to log in
  3. After logging into your iMIT account, click on the “Session Sign-ups” menu item
  4. Select the appropriate ISO Orientation session for your visa type and program

Graduate Student Orientation

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is responsible for planning the Institute's official Graduate Student Orientation. In addition to attending orientation sessions offered by your academic programs, the GSC sessions are meant to provide a broad orientation to MIT and life as a graduate student. Remember to check with your department to see if they are holding mandatory orientations for you so you can be sure to attend as many sessions offered by your academic department and the GSC.

English Evaluation Test

All new international graduate students who are pursuing a degree at MIT and are non-native English speakers MUST attend the mandatory English Evaluation Test held on Wednesday, June 15, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. Registration begins on May 25, 2020. For details, see:



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