STEM OPT Extension, U.S. Address Online Filing Issue

STEM OPT Extension, U.S. Address Online Filing Issue

Some students applying online for their STEM OPT Extension are not receiving their EAD cards at their current U.S. address. This issue may impact students who submitted their Post-Completion OPT and their STEM OPT Extension applications through the USCIS online portal. 

It has been reported that students who filed their STEM OPT Extension application online but changed/moved to a new U.S. address since the original filing of their Post-Completion OPT application are not receiving their STEM OPT Extension EAD cards to their new U.S. address included in their STEM OPT Extension application. Rather, it is being sent to the old address that USCIS has on file from the student’s previous Post-Completion OPT online application.

While the ISO is hopeful that USCIS will improve their systems to fix this error, there are some steps students can take to ensure that their STEM OPT EAD card is sent to the correct address: 

  1. Students should try and update their U.S. address in their USCIS online profile before they submit their STEM OPT application (if possible).
  2. If the online application system does not allow the student to change their USCIS profile address until after they have submitted their STEM OPT application online, then the student should file a USCIS address change form (AR-11) immediately after filing the STEM OPT Extension application.
  3. Students must make sure that they are inputting their correct U.S. mailing address on their STEM OPT application.
  4. Students should monitor their STEM OPT receipt notice information to see whether or not it is mailed to the correct U.S. mailing address. If the STEM OPT receipt notice is mailed to the student’s old address in error, then the student should submit the USCIS address change form (AR-11) and/or contact USCIS directly so that it is corrected before USCIS mails the STEM OPT Extension EAD Card. 

**UPDATE: As of February 21, 2023, USCIS officials informed us that system fixes have been implemented to stop the problems with EADs being sent to applicants’ prior addresses, but we still advise students to monitor their applications as outlined above.**

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