Withdrawals or Leaves of Absence

Leave of Absence

Undergraduate students in good standing who wish to take some time away from MIT need to meet one of the Deans in Student Support Services (S3) to coordinate requesting a Leave of Absence. Details on procedures to request a Leave of Absence are available on the MIT Division of Student Life website

Graduate students should meet with their Graduate Administrator in their academic program, and consult with the Office of Graduate Education to verify procedures for requesting a leave of absence. 

Details are also available via the MIT Registrar’s website.

Students should also be in contact with their ISO Advisor as they are discussing the possibility of taking a Leave of Absence to obtain advice on visa documentation, SEVIS reporting, and any planned travel to depart the U.S., and procedures to return to MIT following the Leave of Absence.  During a Leave of Absence, a student may not be able to maintain valid visa status, and thus would be required to depart the U.S. Your ISO Advisor will be able to advise you accordingly.

Withdrawal from MIT

Students planning to withdraw from MIT, or who may not be allowed to continue to enroll at MIT for a period of time, should meet with their ISO Advisor immediately to discuss visa implications of such decisions. 

Graduate Students, in coordination with their academic department, should consult the Office of Graduate Education website for details on requesting a Withdrawal from MIT as well as procedures for requesting Readmission to MIT. 

Undergraduate Students should consult with Student Support Services (S3) on procedures concerning Withdrawal and Readmission to MIT.