Employment Information Sessions and Q&A Opportunities – Fall 2022

Employment Information Sessions and Q&A Opportunities – Fall 2022

F-1 Students interested in pursuing off-campus employment, either during or after completion of degree, using F-1 Pre-Completion or Post-Completion Optional Practical Training, or post-completion STEM OPT Extension, will need to attend or watch an ISO Employment Information Session.

The ISO has already hosted two live Employment Information Sessions this Fall, but students can also watch, at any time, a recorded version of our F-1 Employment Information Session available online (a copy of the PDF slides and video/audio recording are available hereKerberos login/Duo authentication required) for students to review in place of attending an in-person session. 

After attending one of the ‘Live’ sessions, or watching the online recording of the F-1 Employment Information Session highlighted above, students may also attend one of the following ‘Live’ on Zoom “F-1 Employment Q&A Sessions” if you have additional questions. The Q&A Sessions are NOT full presentations, but rather an opportunity to ask clarifying questions after reviewing and Employment Information Session materials and the ISO Employment webpages. Q&A Sessions for the Fall 2022 Semester will be offered at the following times:

F-1 Employment Q&A Sessions:
Friday, October 14: 10:00am-11:30am
Thursday, October 27: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Wednesday, November 9: 3:00pm-4:30pm
Tuesday, November 15: 10:00am-11:30am
Tuesday, November 29: 3:00pm-4:30pm
Monday, December 5: 2:00pm-3:30pm

Students may sign up for a session by logging into iMIT, then under the “Events” section click on “I’m Going” on the session you wish to attend.

J-1 visa students interested in off-campus employment eligibility and options should first review the ISO website information on “J-1 On-Campus Work Information” and “Academic Training for J-1 Students (off-campus employment)“, and can contact their ISO Advisor to schedule an appointment to discuss any questions about authorization procedures.