U.S. Federal Tax Filing Deadline Changed to July 15, 2020

U.S. Federal Tax Filing Deadline Changed to July 15, 2020

To follow up on our posting yesterday, the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced today that they are officially changing the income tax filing deadline for 2019 income tax returns from April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020.

As announced on March 20, individuals who owe tax as part of the income tax filing process this year can defer payment of those additional taxes until July 15, 2020 without interest or penalties.

We apologize for any confusion as the Department of Treasury did not post an official announcement of the filing deadline change to July 15, 2020 until today, even though there has been a lot of mention in the media. 

International students and scholars now have until July 15, 2020 to file their federal income tax returns.  Students who are abroad can complete and print their income tax return forms, sign them, and then mail them to the IRS from abroad to the appropriate U.S. filing address by July 15, 2020.  Students/scholars filing State income tax returns will want to check each State’s tax website to confirm filing deadlines (though most States will adjust to be in line with Federal income tax filings).   

A copy of the announcement can be read here.

A reminder of MIT Tax Resources for International Students and Scholars: