USDOS Updates NIE Guidance and FAQ

USDOS Updates NIE Guidance and FAQ

On August 12, 2021, the U.S Department of State has updated their website posting on National Interest Exemptions (NIE) with some additional frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Of specific interest is an FAQ that states that a student would not need to get an NIE issued by the US Embassy/Consulate for each travel restricted country visited on a trip, but that one would cover travel to multiple regions:
If I receive an NIE to travel from one region under a COVID-19-related presidential proclamation, can I use the same NIE to travel within 12 months from a separate region that is also under a COVID-19-related presidential proclamation restricting travel?  
Yes, all valid NIEs approved by the Department of State apply to all COVID-19-based Presidential Proclamations.”

Even with this information, we recommend that any J-1 student or scholar, or J-2 dependent, be sure to check with the airline you will be traveling with back to the U.S. to be sure you have the appropriate documentation to board the airplane if you have been in a country subject to U.S. travel restrictions that would require an NIE.

The updated USDOS announcement is available here.

Additional information on the National Interest Exemptions (NIE) are available here.