Obtaining the Form I-94

You may obtain your electronic Form I-94 Record on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency website. The Form I-94 is the arrival and departure record issued by a CBP Office to foreign visitors entering the U.S.

Click on “Get Most Recent I-94” and enter your passport information to obtain your most recent Form I-94 record. If you have trouble retrieving your Form I-94 record, please see the tips below.

Form I-94 Retrieval Tips


  • The name field on www.cbp.gov/i94 is not case-sensitive.
  • Try entering the name as listed in the various travel documents:
    • Passport Name
    • U.S. Visa Name
    • There are two locations for names on passports and U.S. visas:
      • The name field and
      • The machine-readable zone.
      • If the name is different, try both versions
  • Also try the versions of the name that appear on the traveler’s:
    • Airline Ticket
    • Boarding Pass
    • This might work because the electronic I-94 system initially receives names from the carrier in an electronic transfer of the flight manifest.
  • Try entering variations of the names that appear on the travel documents:
    • If there are multiple last (or first) names: 
      • Try entering just one last (or first) name
      • Eliminate the space between the names
      • Add/remove a hyphen between names
      • Truncate the last few letters if the names are long. (Note: each name field has a 25-character limit)
      • Examples: 
        • Last/Surname Lopez Garcia: try entering Lopezgarcia or just Lopez.
        • Last/Surname Fernandes Carvalho de Sousa: try entering Fernandescarvalhodeso.
        • Last/Surname Al-Hamdi: try entering Alhamdi or just Hamdi.
    • First and middle name: 
      • Try entering both names in the First (Given) Name field with a space – e.g., For first name Claire and middle name Anne, try entering Claire Anne in the First (Given) Name field.
      • Try entering just the first and middle initials – e.g., for Claire Anne, try CA or C A.
    • Only one name
      • If the traveler only has one name, the Department of State may have placed that name in the Last/Surname field and placed the abbreviation FNU (First Name Unknown) in the First/Given name field. Try entering whatever name appears in the machine readable section of the passport and/or visa, including the abbreviation FNU.

Birth Date

  • Try inverting the month and day. Example: Birth Date July 9, 1980 correctly entered would be 1980 July 09; try instead 1980 September 07.

Passport Number

  • When both letters and numbers appear in the passport number, try entering a space after the letter(s). Example: Passport number LA497327: try entering LA 497327.
  • Also try the passport booklet number; sometimes the booklet number differs from the number on the bio page.
  • If the valid visa is in an expired passport, try entering the old passport number instead of the new one used for entry.
  • For Mexican passport entries, try eliminating the first two digits of the passport number. Also try dropping the last two digits.

Source:  NAFSA: Association of International Educators. “11.C. Electronic Form I-94.” NAFSA Adviser’s Manual 360. NAFSA: Association of International Educators., 2017. Web. 31, July 2017.

Form I-94 Retrieval or Correction Issues

If you cannot retrieve your most recent Form I-94 record with the above tips or the information on your Form I-94 is incorrect, please contact the closest CBP Deferred Inspections Office. F-1 and J-1 students in Massachusetts and New Hampshire can go in-person with all of their documents to the CBP Office in Terminal E (arrival level) at Logan International Airport in Boston or can send an email request to CBP-Boston. You should not send multiple email requests to CBP.

The email request must include the following documents: 

  • Completed and signed CBP I-94 Correction Request Form (PDF) – the email address for CBP-Boston is provided on this I-94 Correction Request Form
  • Scanned copy of biographical page from passport
  • Scanned copy of F-1 or J-1 visa in passport
  • Scanned copy of admission stamp in passport
  • Scanned copy of Form I-20 or Form DS-2019

Accepted email requests will be processed within 3 business days. Students should check the CBP website directly for changes, as no notification of the correction will be sent. If further information and/or documentation is needed, the Deferred Inspections Office may contact you directly. Please note that the Deferred Inspections Office may require you to appear in person at the Deferred Inspections Office and will make the final decision whether a correction may be made.