The information provided below is an overview of housing at MIT. For questions and more information on housing, see the MIT Housing website.

On-Campus Housing

MIT’s approach to housing incoming freshmen is somewhat unique. Please check out the Undergraduate Housing website for more information. To speak with someone about single undergraduate housing, please visit W59-200, call 617-253-2811, or email residence@mit.edu. For information regarding undergraduate family living options, please visit W59-200 or call 617-253-5148.

Graduate Student Housing for first year students is a more complex issue. Please visit the Graduate Housing website for more info.

To speak with someone about grad student housing, please visit W59-200, call 617-253-5148, or email: graduatehousing@mit.edu

Note: Apartments for families also exist on campus, but availability is limited.

 Off-Campus Housing

The cost of living in the Boston/Cambridge area is quite high. MIT has some excellent resources at the Off-Campus Housing website. There you will find an apartment/roommate finder website at www.mitoffcampus.com

To speak with someone about off-campus housing, please visit W59-200, call 617-253-2811, or email: offcampus@mit.edu

 Please be aware that it is common practice for many landlords to ask for the first and last month’s rent in advance, as well as a deposit that can equal one month of rent. If you use a realtor, there can also be an extra realtor’s or broker fee of up to one month of rent (it may be possible to negotiate this broker fee).