Cultural Student Groups

Connect with someone from your culture/country! Find the list of cultural groups on the website.

NOTE: If there is no student group on campus that represents your country/culture, and you would like to try to meet some new people from your region, you are welcome to send an email to Dana Riechman at, and she can try to connect you with other students from your home country/culture.

Cultural Student Groups: Connecting to new students from your country/culture

At the beginning of each semester (fall and spring), the ISO is willing to send an introductory email to incoming and current students from your country/culture on behalf of your cultural student group.

If you are a member of a cultural student group and would like to make a request for an email to be sent out, please fill out the International Student Group request form. In this form, please indicate the countries you would like to include. Please fill out this form only at the beginning of the fall and spring terms.

Please note that we do not send emails about individual events; rather, it should be regarding how the students can connect with your cultural student group via your website, listservs, and/or social media.

In addition, the ISO usually partners with a student group once or twice per academic to highlight a holiday around the world in the ISO office. This is not meant to replace a holiday event your group usually celebrates, but rather will be an additional event to highlight your culture to the rest of the MIT community.  Past celebrations have included Diwali, Persian New Year, Korean Lotus Lantern Festival, Brazilian Carnival, and the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. If your cultural student group would like to partner with the ISO on celebrating a holiday from your culture at the ISO office, please contact Dana Riechman at