English Language Resources

MIT’s Spouses & Partners has an extensive list of English Language resources.

English Language Studies

The English Language Studies (ELS) program is a regular academic program and is open only to matriculated MIT students.

Our grade- and credit-bearing classes meet according to the MIT academic calendar and involve homework and exams. Our curriculum is designed for non-native English speakers to foster effective communication in a variety of academic and professional contexts. Any bilingual/ESL undergraduate or graduate student earning a degree at MIT can register for an ELS subject.

Sample Fall Course Offerings

21G.219/220  Foundations of Academic and Professional Writing
21G.222   Expository Writing for Bilingual Students
21G.223/224     Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation
21G.225/226 Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering
21G.232*Advanced Speaking and Critical Listening Skills
21G.237 MIT Out Loud: Public Speaking for Bilingual Students (syllabus)