Eager Beaver

Eager Beaver

Idiom: Eager Beaver

As much as everyone loves the MIT beaver, do you know what “eager beaver” means? To put it simply, it means someone who works hard and is very enthusiastic. For example, Mary is such an eager beaver — she is always the first one to do whatever the boss asks. I think she’s hoping for a promotion! As the new semester is just around the corner, are you ready, eager beavers?

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Can you guess what “eager beaver” means?

  1. Dangerous driver
  2. Person who works really hard
  3. Someone who is always happy and positive
  4. Someone who loves to attend parties

The answer is 2. This basically means the person who works hard with great enthusiasm. The origin of this idiom dates back to the early 20th century when people started to link the hard-working people with the industrious nature of beavers (constantly building their dwellings).

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